Parrot Crow Innovative Shopping Experience


Parrot Crow stands out as a brand devoted to creating Kids Wear that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Their unwavering focus is on ensuring that children not only wear clothing but also experience the epitome of comfort and style.

Recognizing the paramount importance of a seamless user shopping experience, Parrot Crow goes beyond the aesthetics of fashion, aiming to make the entire journey from selection to checkout a delight for parents and a joy for the little ones.

Client Needs

  1. B2B Integration: Seamless integration for business-to-business transactions.
  2. Separate Site for Wholesalers: Creation of a dedicated site for wholesalers and regular customers.
  3. Discount Modal: Implementation of a dynamic discount system.
  4. Bulk Purchase Capability: Ability for wholesalers to buy products in bulk.
  5. Newsletter for Email Campaigns: Integration of a newsletter for effective email campaigns.
  6. Separate Pricing Modal: Pricing differentiation for wholesalers purchasing in bulk and for regular customers.


  1. Lack of a Separate Website for Wholesalers: Hindered the online purchasing experience for wholesalers who wants to purchase directly through website.
  2. Absence of a Discount Modal: Impacted the ability to offer tailored discounts according to offers and festivals.
  3. Inability to Make Bulk Purchases Online: Restricted wholesalers from buying in bulk through the website.
  4. Site Speed Issues: Hindered SEO and marketing efforts.
  5. Lack of Newsletter Integration: Hindered effective email campaigns for customer engagement.


  1. New Website Creation: Develop a new website from scratch using WooCommerce with their brand colors and fonts.
  2. Clear Navigation: Enhance user experience with clear navigation for boys and girls categories.
  3. Wholesaler Site Integration: Include the wholesaler website in the navigation menu, so that the wholesaler can go to respective website and bulk purchase the order.
  4. B2B Registration: Make GST number compulsory for B2B registration to segregate the users.
  5. User Interface Improvements: Add tabs and sliders on the homepage for a better UI/UX experience.
  6. Payment Gateway Integration: Seamless payment processes were achieved through Razorpay integration.
  7. Sitemap Creation: Add a sitemap for better navigation.
  8. Newsletter Implementation: Create a newsletter modal for email campaigns on discounts or new product launches.


The implemented solutions have led to a transformation in the Parrot Crow experience:

  1. Enhanced UI/UX Experience: The website now offers improved navigation, ensuring a seamless experience for users, with a dedicated section for wholesalers.
  2. Discount Modal Implementation: Regular customers can now enjoy personalized discounts, enhancing their shopping experience.
  3. Bulk Purchase Capability: Wholesalers can bulk purchases with separate pricing modal, providing flexibility and catering to their unique needs.
  4. Newsletter Integration: The introduction of newsletters allows effective communication through email campaigns, keeping customers informed about discounts and new product launches.

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